As the online world has developed over time, so have the opportunities for getting your product out there in front of potential clients. Your brand website, Online Travel Agents, GDS, affiliate marketing, representation companies, discount sites, and so on. That’s why you need a distribution strategy.

Some properties take the “more is more” approach to distribution – sign up with everything and hope for the best. But that takes a lot of man-hours to manage, spreads your valuable inventory over a wide number of channels, leaves most of your distribution un-managed, and reduces your control over what you are selling, at what rate, and where.

We prefer to take an active approach to distribution, picking and choosing the right channels for your property, channels that can be managed automatically whenever possible, channels that have been allocated a rate and availability strategy, that get your rooms in front of the right people at the right time in the buying cycle. Enough channels to do the job, but not so many that they can’t be tracked, optimised and managed.

Talk to us about how to get your property out there in a way that is consistent, timely and above all, strategic.