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We strongly recommend the use of Google Adwords under certain circumstances.

In any situation where a competitor or aggregator is bidding on phrases related to your brand, they are doing so for one reason, and one reason only: to take business that would otherwise have come direct to you via your website. Those searches were meant for you, and they hijacked them!

This is where brand-related adwords campaigns can work for you, in bringing some of that hijacked business back to your site. It may seem counter-intuitive to bid on terms where you already rank highly in the organic results - but those third party ads are there above you on the search results page because they are making money.

In reality, brand-related campaigns not only have some of the highest ROIs you'll see from PPC but have the added benefit of earning you money twice - first with the payment that comes direct to you, and second by avoiding the commission paid to an aggregator, or the complete loss of the revenue if the business goes to a competitor.

Ask us for more information - we run brand related campaigns for numerous clients, with great success.

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