Complete Website Design and Build

Taking a website project from nothing to completion is a reasonably long, reasonably complex process. It needs time spent on the design phase, then a large amount of coding to realise that design in HTML, make it responsive, add content, images, contact forms, SEO meta data, additional languages, site launch and optimisation and more. Expect a project of this nature to cost £2000 upwards.

Commercial Wordpress Theme Installation and Customisation

If you have a commercial Wordpress theme that you wish to work with but aren't sure about how to get it setup, or how to customise it for your needs, drop us a line - for a few hundred pounds we can get everything up and running, and customised to reflect your branding, corporate colours, and so on.

Secure Hosting

We use cloud-based servers for speed and responsiveness. All our sites are protected by SSL certificates as standard. We take daily backups to protect against catastrophic failure, and apply regular server o/s updates to maintain server security. If all you need is a secure hosting platofrm, drop us a line. Prices start from £50 per month, depending on the capacity of your project and the traffic it will see.


We manage Adwords campaigns exclusively for our long-term clients, where we know their business, have built their website and can be sure of its ability to convert, and have defined a common goal with the client in terms of what the Adwords campaign can acheive for them and how best the budget can be spent. If you would like to know more about becoming a long-term client, drop us a line.

Search Engine Optimisation

We can provide a one-off Search Engine Optimisation service or audit for your site and give you suggestions as to how to improve things. Pricing will depend on the number of pages the site has, but expect to pay £300 for an audit with recommendations on how to improve your SEO, and more if you wish us to implement the recommendations and maintain your SEO on an ongoing basis.

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