SEO Services for Hotels

Let's be honest - there's no easy way to win the SEO battle, and those emails you get promising you'll be top of the page in Google next week are simply not true.

SEO takes time, and starts with getting the basics right, ticking all the boxes. We work hard to make sure that all the elements under our control are present and correct.

On-page Optimisation

This is the key to everything - without getting your on-page optimisation right, Google and other search engines won't know what your page is about and consequently how to rank your site and for what searches.

We take care of all on-page factors, and optimise them all as best we can, including;

Page titles
Meta descriptions - length, relevance and keyword inclusion
Appropriate keyword usage
Removal of duplicate content
Use of H tags
Image Optimisation
Broken links, redirect pages and 404 errors

Copywriting and Content Optimisation

We work with our clients to create clear, accurate and unique copy for their website. And as part of that process, we also ensure that copy is focused on the requirements of search engines and how they rank pages. Having sufficient quality content is a must, for both users and search bots. This is how Google knows what your site is about, and thus is able to offer it up for relevant searches. Where clients have existing copy they wish to maintain, we can analyse and amend the copy, maintaining the feel but optimising it for search.

Page Speed

Website speed has always been an issue - from the days of dial-up modems, web pages have been getting larger as quickly as connection speeds have improved. We all know the frustrations of a slow-to-load website - not only does it cause visitors to abandon, it's also now a factor in search ranking. We've taken steps to make sure our hosting is top-notch, our servers use NGINX wherever possible for maximum speed, our sites employ some fancy caching and images and other assets are optimised and compressed to minimize load times.

SSL Certificates

As more and more websites capture data, the use of SSL Certificates and the HTTPS protocol has become more prevalent, as data submitted is automatically encrypted. Google recently started using HTTPS as a ranking factor in its evaluation of websites, and consequently we have taken the step of applying an SSL certificate to all new sites. Not only does it help with your position in search results, it also avoids the troubling "Not Secure" message shown in your site's address bar in Chrome and also alongside your site details in mobile search results. That's a win-win.

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