Copywriting and Translation

After images, the copy on your site is the most important thing in promoting your business, getting your character across, selling the things that make you different, telling people why you – and not the competitor across the road.

Not only that but your copy is a key part of your SEO – it has to subtly inform Google and the other search engines what your site is about and how to index it.

We write all the original website copy in-house, in consultation with our clients, and we take the master version and use it as the basis for translation, which is also done in-house where possible, and with trusted, web-savvy, third party translators if not.

A multi-language website is a key part of your marketing strategy – not just for overseas SEO purposes, but also in convincing clients from other countries to choose you rather than your competitor who only has his website in English. With almost 35 million overseas visits to the UK last year, generating over £21 billion in revenue, isn’t that something you should be targeting? Una victoria fácil, as they say in Spanish..

Combining WordPress’s flexibility and WPML’s excellent translation plugin, we build bespoke multi-lingual websites either from scratch, with WPML’s Toolset software or by customizing existing commercial themes.

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